Securing the Zoin Core Wallet

Encrypt Your Wallet

After your wallet is up to date and you’ve sent Zoin to it, you will want to make it secure in case something happens.

The first step is to encrypt it. You can do this by clicking on Settings–>Encrypt Wallet. You should type in a passphrase that is strong (a combination of letters, both upper and lower case and numbers/symbols), and something you will remember or can write down on paper in a secure location. Confirm your passphrase and proceed to encrypt your wallet.

Please be advised, once you set your passphrase you can’t forget it or all your funds will be lost!

Right after your wallet has been encrypted, you should make a backup of it. Click on File–>Backup Wallet and save the wallet as a wallet.dat file. Store this backup in a secure location like an offline flash drive.

If you want to open your wallet on another computer you may save the wallet file onto a flash drive or other backup device / method you may already have. Remember that if you encrypted your wallet before doing this backup you must know the passphrase in order to access your wallet.

A paper wallet contains QR codes of your private keys along with the written private key for easy and secure storage.

Click on the Receive tab in your desktop wallet and choose Show Paper Wallet

If you previously encrypted your wallet you will need to enter your passphrase to display your paper wallet.

You may now print the displayed paper wallet and store it in a secure location.

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