General Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Zoin and other privacy coins?

Zoin and Zcoin:
Zoin is a fork from the very early stages of Zcoin. Zoin started at block 0, there was no coin transfer whatsoever, no ICO and no premine. Zoin runs under the lyra2zoin algorithm and the reward to developers was completely removed. The only thing Zoin and Zcoin have in common is the Zerocoin protocol for anonymous transactions.

Compared to other privacy coins:
Zoin is a real community coin, it is completely decentralized and managed by a voting system (to be implemented in a future wallet upgrade). With Zoin, the decisions are not made by a small group of developers, but by the real Zoin owners: its community.

What is the total supply, block time and block reward?

The total supply of Zoin is 21 million. The actual block reward is 4.375 Zoin per block (for miners) and 8.12 Zoin (for Zoinodes), each block takes around 2.5 minutes to mature and every 210.000 blocks a halving will occur.

Can I mine Zoin with my personal computer and how many coins will I get?

Yes. Zoin runs under the lyra2zoin algorithm which makes only CPU mining possible. As a community coin, we believe that Zoin should be mined by everyone under the same conditions, that’s why our algorithm does not allow the use of high end and usually overpriced GPUs mining rigs. The number of coins you will receive for mining; depends on the number of resources you are putting into our pool. This is measured as hash rate, your hash rate will be measured as a percentage of the total hash rate in the pool and you will receive the same percentage of a block reward, every time a block is found.

The best way to know exactly how many coins will you mine is by trying, we encourage you to start mining right away and to join the great Zoin community.

What is a Masternode/Zoinode and how do I get one?

Zoinode is the term used for Zoin masternodes. Masternodes are computers that run a wallet and help secure the network by completing special tasks on the blockchain and ensuring quick transactions. To set up a Zoinode, you must have dedication, support, specific hardware, and lock up 25,000 Zoin as voted on by the community.

A setup guide can be found here.

How do I mine Zoin?

In order to mine Zoin, please register in our official pool at and check our starter instructions under

Resources --> Getting started. If you have any doubt you can join our Discord and we will happily guide you through.

Will Zoin be added to more exchanges?

The Zoin team is constantly talking with various exchanges and will announce when each new exchange adds Zoin.

How can I join and help the community?

First, we want to thank you for your interest in joining our community. Our doors are always open for new community members that believe in our project as much as we do.

You can join us in Discord, the team is always active there. If you are a programmer, social media enthusiast, trader or have any other background that you think can help us succeed, please don’t hesitate the reach any team member. We all want to hear your ideas and feedback, we grow strong everyday because of our amazing community.

Are Zoin and 'Zoin Coin' the same?

“Zoin Coin” is a scam coin that has nothing to do with Zoin. When mentioning Zoin, please simply refer to it as “Zoin” to avoid confusion.

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