About Zoin

Zoin is a decentralized digital currency with anonymous features and community governance. The technology behind Zoin is the Zerocoin Protocol, which provides you complete anonymity over your funds; making them secure, private and untraceable.

To ensure accessibility to all users and to avoid centralization, Zoin uses a CPU only mining algorithm. Zoin is developing into a currency that enables people to buy products and services in a secure and anonymous way. The overall goal is to shape Zoin into a currency for one’s daily payments.

Zoin was taken over by the community in the mid-2017 after previous developers abandoned the project. Since then, the community and core team have done significant work to revitalize Zoin. Some of the key accomplishments include:

  • New and improved wallets released for Windows, OSX, and Linux with a unique UI.
  • Rebranding of Zoin and the introduction of a new website.
  • Implementation of Core 0.13 and the Zerocoin protocol.
  • Community voting on Zoin features, currently done on Discord but eventually introduced in the wallet.
  • Strong community support on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

The team and community are working hard to continue developing Zoin. For more information, please see the Zoin Roadmap.

In late 2017, the community voted to allocate 37.5 Zoin out of a 50 Zoin block reward for funding development. This will continue for 25,000 blocks (block 230250 through block 255250) until appropriate funds are raised. These funds are going towards paying developers for services, bounties, getting listed on additional exchanges, and other needs as determined by the team and community. In early 2018, the Zoin Foundation will be launched, which will provide full transparency on the use of these funds.

To learn more about Zoin, see the Introductory Video or stop by and chat with us on Discord.

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