How to Use the Tor Web Wallet

If you want to use the Tor web wallet, you must download a Tor web browser onto your device of choice.

You can download the original Tor Browser from which has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you want to access the Tor web wallet via your mobile device, you can download the Tor Browser for Android or iOS in the steps below.

There are several options for Android, such as Orbot + Orfox or Fire.onion; you can use any preferred Tor Browser of your choice as well.

What’s the difference between Tor web wallet and regular web wallet?
Tor adds extra layers of privacy and security through the Tor network. Additionally, the web Tor wallet uses a USER/PASS + 2FA instead of an email login.

After installing and running your Tor Browser, visit the Tor web wallet URL: http://zoinerx5ycbdmjty.onion/

1.) Click on the ‘Create an Account‘ button

2.) Now you are on the registration page and you will need to fill out the boxes.

3.) Now you will need to add 2FA (two-factor authentication); this is a security requirement and is done through the Google Authenticator app. Scan your QR code with your phone using the app (explained in step below).

4.) Follow the illustrated steps for the Google Authenticator app to add the Zoin web wallet 2FA.

5.) Now you can enter the code you received in the app to sign in to your account.

You will now be on the overview page, showing your balances.

If you want to change the currency (USD or EURO) you may do so under YourUsername–>Settings

You may also click the receive tab to get your wallet’s address.

Once you receive a transaction you may view it on the transactions page.

To mint your Zoin, first go to the overview page and choose Mint.

You may now choose an amount you want to mint from the drop-down menu and click Mint Zerocoin.

Once you have minted your Zoin you are ready to spend. Click Spent on the overview page and select the amount you want to spend. This process takes 6 confirmations on the network before your funds are spendable in your main balance. Now you are free to send your Zoin anywhere you like anonymously.

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