Mining Frequently Asked Questions

Some Miners on Pools Have Extremely High Hashrates. Are These Botnets?

It is possible that some miners with extremely high hash rates are actually botnets. However, it could also be legitimate users with access to public or private server resources. Although we are against botnets running on the network, it is very difficult to determine if a miner is a bot or not. We leave it up to the mining pools to determine if anything should be done about possible botnets. Please keep in mind that if a pool shuts down a botnet, it does not stop them from moving to another pool or creating their own. Even though botnets do affect earnings for other miners on the network, we believe there is less impact from bots than there would be from large miners if Zoin used a GPU or ASIC algorithm.

Why is My Hashrate So Low? How Can I Increase it?

This depends. First, if you are comparing to other coins, the lyra2zoin algorithm is more complex than some others and will naturally produce lower hash rates. If you think your hash rate is too low for your hardware, try tweaking the thread count with the -t parameter of your miner. The lyra2zoin algorithm is heavily dependent upon CPU L2 cache, so reducing thread count can actually increase performance. Try running for 5-10 minutes with various thread selections to determine the best hash rate you can achieve.

Can I Use Cloud Servers for Mining?

Yes! Most cloud providers will allow cryptocurrency mining, but be sure to carefully read the terms of service. For example, Google Cloud does not allow mining with their free account. Please keep in mind that it is not currently profitable to mine with cloud resources and it is almost always cheaper to buy outright. Join us in the #mining channel on
Discord for more insight on cloud mining.

How Do I Determine How Much I Will Earn Mining?

This is difficult to determine because it is affected by a variety of factors such as pool size, total network hash rate, difficulty, etc. In general, with a difficulty of 0.25 and the current block reward of 12.5, you will earn about 1 Zoin per day with 1 KH/s of hashing power. This is a rule of thumb, but you can use this to get a rough estimate of your earnings.

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