How to Reindex Windows Core Wallet

This guide will help resolve “No block source available” and “out of sync” Windows core wallet errors.

To begin, make sure you have the latest wallet version.

In this article, we will work on Windows (any version apply)

  • Images displayed are showing the previous wallet, version The procedure is THE SAME for the latest version


Before proceeding you MUST backup your wallet.dat file that you can find in you AppData folder. You can even wipe clean all the files in Zoin folder inside AppData, but PLEASE backup your wallet file somewhere safe first.


Download the latest wallet version, in this case the Windows version here

Step 2

VERY IMPORTANT: before extracting the .zip file, you MUST whitelist the file on your Firewall/Antivirus that runs on your system. If you don’t do so, you won’t be able to fully extract the .zip file and the destination folder will be empty.

  • For Windows 10 users: you might want to follow this guideline regarding Windows Defender

Step 3

Once unzipped, you will see a single file, in this case named zoin_core.exe

Step 4

Now we will use Windows Command line prompt (cmd) to navigate to the folder where the wallet .exe file is and launch it from there with the additional argument “-reindex” (without quotes).

Click on the “start” icon on the bottom left or hit the “Windows ” key on the keyboard.
A search bar will appear and next type cmd, press Enter.

Windows Command prompt will open

Step 5

Now navigate to the Wallet Folder and find the previously renamed .exe file

Step 6

Issue the following command:

zoin_wallet.exe -reindex

The wallet will launch and display the block reindex count.

Once the wallet has finished reindexing, it will add peers and begin syncing.

Upon completion, the wallet may be closed by choosing the “exit” option in the wallet’s File menu.

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